First Time Investment Solutions has a ten year track record of helping our clients get the most out of selling their home. Over the last decade, we’ve provided tailored, expert advice for our customers throughout Florida and the Washington, D.C. , DC area.

We are a family owned and operated business that understands the trials and tribulations of selling a home. Regardless of the difficulties you’re facing when selling your home, we’re here for you. We leverage our knowledge of the complexities of the real estate market to achieve a simple aim – to put our customers’ goals first. Our business has grown because we prioritize our customers’ needs first, leading them through the process of selling their home to maximize their net proceeds. We have worked with countless families just like yours, helping them to avoid foreclosure or sell their home when no one else could. 

Whether you’re looking for a speedy sale, to overcome difficulties like liens or code violations, or simply looking for an empathetic partner in the business, we’re here to help. 


Our goal is simple – make the real estate market work for everyone. Too often, obstacles are placed in the way of selling a home, making it unnecessarily complicated and stressful all the while eating away at a home’s value. Our mission is to smooth out the process for you. We’re extremely proud of our ability to help all of our customers take control of their lives by buying their unwanted property.

Our goal is to help families achieve their financial goals regardless of their circumstances. We take a collaborative approach, eliminating stress and unforeseen delays. For many Americans, owning a home is an essential part of the American dream. We are committed to helping our clients achieve that dream and proud that 90% of our sales go to first-time homeowners. We prioritize sales to first time buyers rather than investors, helping keep the market for the many, not the few.

 Our collaborative approach puts people back in control of their lives. With the right team behind you, you can achieve far more than you could alone. We are that team.

How We Work With Homeowners

If you have any questions about our process, who we are, or how we can help you sell your property or avoid foreclosure, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

About Us

Helbert Lopez

During my first years living in the United States, I dedicated myself to mastering the English language and better understanding American culture. I believed that in order to be a successful entrepreneur, I had to fully understand America’s economy, people, and way of life. My perseverance and creativity allowed me to continue to develop business models which led to real estate success. In South Florida, my fluency in Spanish enabled me to effectively communicate with buyers and sellers and help countless families buy their first home. While dual fluency in English and Spanish was a major advantage, I realized I needed to know the law to truly help clients navigate the world of real estate. I then enrolled in law school at the American College of Law in Washington, DC and earned my law degree in 2018. My newfound knowledge of real estate law and estate planning law empowered me with the confidence and ability to purchase properties no one else would risk investing, broadening the scope of my real estate business.

I studied the law because I am highly interested in using my law degree to protect family interests and enable me to serve as legal counsel for related businesses. My diverse work experience and academic credentials provide the necessary skills for me to solve any real estate challenge my clients face. I look forward to applying the lessons learned and the skills I have built over a career to help you overcome any real estate challenge.

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