Partner with US

Partner with US

Successful projects need exceptional teams. At First Time Investment Solutions, we put you at the head of a team of experts. Our attorney-driven process creates a legal framework, smoothing the complex issues like, architecture designs, permits with the city that often bog down a lot of projects. From there, our architects, surveyors, general contractors, real estate agents, and other specialists will lead the project to a successful sale.

Selling with us for Top dollar

Want to get paid over the market price for your home’s sale? Then sell with us. We’ll partner with you to get the most value from your home. Whether that involves remodeling, making legal additions, or even converting your single home into condos, we can show how you can add value to your home building equity- value that translates to a far higher selling price.

If you’re not in a rush to sell and can wait for us to improve your property, we’ll walk you through the process of getting an addition approved by the Washington, D.C. DC. This hugely increases your home’s value, and we’ll guide you through every step.

Condominium Conversions

We specialize in legally-complex processes such as condo conversions, creating essential documents such as master deeds, governing documents, and trusts. Once these are in place, the entire process runs much more smoothly. If you have the land, want to sell, and can wait for us to improve your property, we can guide you through every remaining step of the process.

So get in touch today and take control.

The Benefits and Challenges of Condominium Conversions

Condominium (condo) conversions can offer many financial benefits, but the process can also be time-consuming and risky. Our goal is to educate, explain the process in full including the benefits and risks, and demonstrate that we know what needs to be done. Our attorney-driven team will take on all the risk and complete all of the essential legal documents to maximize the likelihood of a successful conversion and be able to close within a year.

Condo conversions can offer many benefits for an investor compared to a traditional flip.

  • Condo conversions provides a solution to the notorious land problem in urban areas like Washington, D.C. DC, by allowing the investor to build up when you run out of space or land.
  • The basic concept is to acquire a single-unit property, such as a DC row house, and either split the structure into multiple units or add additional floors to maximize the number of units sustainable.
  • When done right, a condo conversion can generate a return nearly three times higher than a traditional flip.

         Conversely, the process is not free of risk and legal challenges.

  • The city may not approve the occupancy certificate or the condo subdivision license.
  • Permitting, zoning, and construction are significantly more time-consuming and intensive compared to traditional flips; A condo conversion takes 12-24 months compared to 4-6 months for a traditional house flip.

However, when done right, a condo conversion can be three times more profitable than a traditional flip. Regardless of the outcome, we will take on all the risk, compensate you, the home owner, for the agreed-upon sales price, and close within a year.

Do you think your property qualifies for a condo conversion project? Call us today at (202) 519-4361 at no charge or simply fill out this form for a free,no obligation assessment.